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How to Simplify Recruitment Travel for Your Organization

August 26, 2019 | For Travel Managers

The corporate travel landscape is rapidly changing. Business travel and traveler satisfaction have a huge impact not only on your regular travelers but on your non-profiled and recruitment travelers as well.

The unemployment rate hit a 49-year low of 3.7% in November of 2018 and continues to stay around 4%. When it comes to recruiting, finding and attracting the best talent is the number one challenge for companies. When you find this talent, making the right impression is imperative and that impression is often made well before the interview begins.

It can also be a huge inconvenience for the recruit if an upfront payment is required. The candidate could be waiting for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be reimbursed, depending on how long the expense process is.

Today, the current process of coordinating travel for guests can be a real pain:

“Our coordinators play ‘travel agent,’ sending stuff back and forth. It’s really time-consuming dealing with changes, schedules, preferences, credit card forms, and tons of sites.”

“Travel’s a black box. It’s frustrating. I can’t control what happens, and it’s the only part of the guest experience like that.”

It can also be challenging for traditional corporate travel programs to accommodate non-employee travelers such as contractors, consultants, interns, and others. Because these travelers aren’t profiled, it is much easier for them to book trips outside the TMC. The result is that these trips may not be accounted for in a duty of care system or travel spend reports.

With Pana, Adelman is taking guest travel to the next level.

What is Pana?

Pana is a guest travel platform that provides a simple and efficient way to book travel for the non-profiled traveler and significantly reduces the time it takes to make a booking—from hours to minutes.

First, trip details are entered by the HR department or trip organizer, and a trip cost estimate is provided. Critical information includes destination, arrival time, and trip duration. From here, Pana handles every detail of its seamless booking experience, engaging travelers and ensuring they remain in the budget as well as policy compliant.

This platform goes above and beyond to provide your guests with regular check-ins and assistance throughout the trip, trip updates and notifications, and even restaurant suggestions made by other company employees. The trip is also completed without the traveler needing to float the cost of travel. Payment can easily be set up, or, if it’s preferable for guests to submit receipts, there is an easy-to-use reimbursement add-on.

With Adelman and Pana, you can leave your guest travelers with the very best impression. Whether it’s a new recruit, VIP board member, visiting speaker or potential business partner, you can rest assured that a superior experience will be delivered. On top of that, travel managers and HR coordinators will win back valuable time and energy once spent on the tedious process of booking, expensing, and reconciling guest travel data. Through Pana, Adelman simplifies the complex and provides the very best in guest travel service.