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Inside the Mind of Today’s Travel Manager

April 4, 2018 | For Travel Managers

Travel managers today are faced with a variety of challenges that simply come with the nature of their position. From risk management and traveler satisfaction to evolving technology, keeping travelers safe and happy is always at the forefront of managers’ minds.

The use of a travel management app helps alleviate some of these pressures, but it’s helpful to recognize common top concerns to be the best travel manager you can be. Keep reading to see if you sympathize with any of the following common thoughts of today’s travel managers.

Improving Traveler Compliance and Satisfaction

The goal of making travelers happy is a daunting task, but do you know how it impacts the bigger picture? Their level of satisfaction can do more than just lead to positive feedback for your department. It’s been discovered that happy traveling employees are more likely to make compliant decisions, improve productivity, and boost company engagement. That’s three key elements in making a travel department successful and profitable.

However, it’s no secret that happiness comes at a cost—literally. As a travel manager, being cost-conscious and catering to employees’ requests is a constant battle. If your company is in a place where you must focus on the bottom line, it’s critical to find a steady balance between the two opposing forces.

Travelers are More Connected than Ever

Rewind a decade or two, and the corporate traveler’s experience looks much different than it does today. They were using pay phones, beepers, and hotel-provided equipment to get in touch with their loved ones. Thanks to evolving technologies like laptops, cell phones, and Wi-Fi, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to friends and family.

What does this mean for travel managers? Since the traumatic events of 9/11, the use of technology has significantly improved duty of care. At the time of this historic event, companies had no idea where their traveling employees were or if they were safe. Today, especially by using a travel management app, there’s no question as to location and safety while they’re abroad.

The Most Painful Parts of a Trip

If you think about the last time you boarded a plane, what was the most frustrating part of your trip? Depending on your airport, it’s likely that security was the biggest hurdle getting you to your gate. The same goes for your travelers.

In addition to security, there are numerous other contributing factors to a corporate trip being challenging. Some common frustrations include:

  • Slow security experience
  • Shrinking seats and legroom onboard
  • Smaller cabin sizes
  • Fuller flights

Although these factors are out of your control, other manageable aspects of travel have vastly improved, which are making for a more satisfying getaway. These parts of the corporate travel journey are on the rise:

  • Better hotel amenities
  • Improved ground transportation due to ride-sharing services
  • Enhanced options in-flight for entertainment and dining

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