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Why Meeting Planners and Travel Managers Should Collaborate

May 23, 2018 | Blog, For Travel Managers

Travel and logistics can be complex at the best of times, necessitating the collaboration of meeting planners and travel managers. Not only does their partnership enhance their communication, it allows them to pool their collective skills and ensure a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for all.

Travel Managers and Planners Both Prioritize Safety and Security

Companies are responsible for their employees’ and event attendees’ safety when they travel and attend important meetings or events. Although travel management apps have made these processes easier, travel managers and meeting planners should also work in unison to streamline the entire attendance process from start to finish. Travel managers know their travelers well and can inform planners how to cater toward them accordingly.

Sally Napper, Security Director for Australasia at International SOS, puts it this way:
“Event organizers are often asked to arrange trips or events for VIPs and executives. There is a huge potential for disruption and business continuity issues if these business people are faced with a medical or security issue. Along with understanding destination risks, organizers also need to account for the executives’ age and any pre-existing medical conditions that might necessitate specific requirements. This audience requires extra attention as high-profile executives require discreet services.”

The Importance of Technology Integrations in Collaboration

Although travel management app solutions are helpful, it can be difficult to integrate them with the existing systems in place. If the systems that the meeting planners and travel managers use cannot “talk” to one another, then the latest technological advances will be of little help.

Despite the challenges ahead, a recent report noted that technology will continue transforming meetings and events in 2018, ensuring end-to-end management of the attendee experience and delivery.

Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are catalyzing the development of travel and hybrid-meeting solutions, fostering innovative experiences and value addition for both the attendees and the organizers of meetings.

As with all logistics and travel management processes, little can be achieved alone. If companies are to streamline their logistics and use technology effectively, it requires the collaboration of multiple parties and stakeholders, including the travel manager, meetings planner, and all their relevant associates.

If the relevant parties involved could all agree to adapt their systems accordingly, technology could prove to be a very effective tool for all-encompassing corporate travel and meetings logistics. Just remember that getting everyone to agree to a single system is not going to be easy, however.

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