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When Should you Outsource your Meetings and Events Planning?

November 15, 2018 | Blog, For Travel Managers

Meetings and events planning can be daunting for even experienced travel managers. The tasks of booking group air and sourcing hotels and venues can be overwhelming, and things may fall through the cracks. A travel management company often offers several options to assist or manage your meetings and incentive travel. So, when does it become more beneficial and cost-effective to outsource this service? Here are 3 situations where your company can take advantage of your TMC’s expertise:

When There are Many Travelers
The logistics of moving hundreds, or even a few dozen travelers, and getting them all to arrive on time and safe are more than many people realize. Companies often also have policies in place preventing a certain number of travelers, or executive leadership, on the same flight. Your TMC’s group department can easily take all parameters into account, like arrival time, layovers, and policy, and ensure that everyone has the best possible flight. An arrival manifest report is also helpful for the organizer. It’s simple to see when everyone has arrived, and duty of care is maintained.

When You Want to Make an Impression
Planning a stellar event is a great way to showcase your company culture and future vision. Whether it’s your sales team, executive team, or clients, these events are an opportunity to really make an impression. Outsourcing the full event planning process to your experienced TMC is a way to ensure that the event is full of unique activities and excellent venues. A TMC also can keep everything organized and on schedule. Thanks to years of practice, your TMC will keep every little detail in place. Your attendees won’t have to worry about a thing; everyone can simply enjoy. Rewards and incentive travel are also a fantastic way to motivate and retain employees. We can help you discover new ways to congratulate a job well done!

When You Want to Save Time and Money
It is becoming rarer to find companies with a dedicated, internal travel manager and even more rare that there will be a meetings and events planner. Often, these roles are now given to administrative or procurement departments who have several other responsibilities and may not have any travel background. All of that equals wasted resources and potential disarray during the corporate function. Outsourcing to your TMC will be more time and cost effective, for example, when negotiating for a hotel room block. Specialized meetings and events teams have resources and relationships that allow them to navigate through this process with ease and come out with more amenities, benefits, and a lower cost. The hotel industry is exploding, and when you need to navigate contractual terms and mitigate risk, a TMC meetings and events team is your answer.

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