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Preparing for travel in the “new normal”: using effective business intelligence solutions

May 26, 2020 | Blog, For Travel Managers

Once business travel returns, it is going to look very different post-pandemic.  Those responsible for their business travel programs will to have to put more emphasis on things such as traveler health and well-being, duty of care and risk management.

As the travel industry looks at an uncertain future, travel managers are still trying to determine what will need to change in the management of their programs.  What safeguards will their companies need to put in place?  What will their travelers demand in order to feel safe on the road?  And how will all this fit into what the government will require going forward? 

What is certain is that travelers will approach travel more cautiously and will have concerns about getting on an airplane or attending a large event due to potential health risks.  Many travelers may forego trips in the future in favor of using alternative meetings solutions such as Zoom.  And those who choose to travel will want more information upfront regarding safety measures, risk factors and potential increased health hazards at their destination. 

In addition to traditional analytics and benchmarking, business travel managers will require a reporting solution that allows them to track their travelers as well as providing information on destination management. 

In a recent webinar poll of Adelman customers, 68 percent indicated that they anticipated an increased compliance mandate for their travel programs within the next six to 12 months.  When asked what their highest priority was in preparation for the return of travel post-pandemic, 68 percent said guidance on safe travel was their number one priority. 

This is where a solution such as DecisionSource, Adelman’s new ATG 3.0 integrated reporting platform, comes into play.  In addition to providing reporting on a global scale, DecisionSource provides deeper insights and data, intelligent analytics and traveler care.  All of theses offerings allow Adelman clients to have the information needed to make intelligent decisions that benefit their companies on a large scale and their travelers at a personal level. 

Key risk management features of DecisionSource include global traveler tracking, risk alerts and warnings, interactive maps and the ability to communicate with travelers via SMS and email.  Through DecisionSource’s forecasting ability and customized travel report cards, travel managers can gain deeper insight into the travel patterns of departments and individual travelers, allowing them to shape traveler behavior. 

In addition to a comprehensive reporting solution, Adelman Travel provides additional safeguards for travelers through our Ava mobile app, which offers hotel neighborhood safety scores to ensure travelers are as safe as possible at their destination.  Adelman will soon be launching the desktop version of the app, which provides travel planners with access to their travelers’ itineraries, ensuring an additional level of care and information.  Additionally, Adelman’s Hotel Attach solution helps to assure travelers are booking a hotel with their air itinerary, vastly increasing duty of care by knowing where travelers are staying. 

To learn more about Adelman Travel’s DecisionSource reporting solution or any of our other innovations that will position your travel program for the future, contact your Adelman Client Success Manager.  If you are not a current Adelman customer but would like to know more, please contact