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The Secret to Simplifying Convoluted Traveler Technology

July 10, 2019 | For Travel Managers, For Travelers


Technology continues to make our world more convenient. However, it actually makes managing corporate travel increasingly complex. In addition, there are demands for streamlining processes and adhering to corporate compliance.

For employees that manage travel for a smaller company, they likely don’t specialize in planning corporate trips. Booking these trips is just a small part of their day. For the experienced travel manager, the amount of technology they’re forced to keep up with, on top of corporate regulations, makes their everyday tasks complex. That’s where third-party partnerships come into play for both of these types of employees.

This article breaks down why a travel management company (TMC) is the key piece in streamlining your management process.


Why simplicity is important in travel management

Too much entanglement in rules and processes makes corporate travel blurry for the travelers. Too often, this complexity (or lack of knowledge) leads them to think they’re actually saving the company money by booking their own travel. As a result, the company’s hard-earned relationships with vendors are in jeopardy.

With the help of travel management companies (TMCs), you can simplify big-picture goals so everyone in your company gets in sync. Because it’s their job, TMCs stay up to date on corporate travel trends, use them as a foundation, and combine that with extensive experience–all to create the most cost-effective travel program.

Streamlining processes can also lead to indirect savings. According to research conducted by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), better processes have improved travel buyers’:

● Choice of suppliers by 42%
● Use of booking tools and booking processes by 39%
● Travel policies by 39%

Simplification helped travel managers achieve compliance, reduce costs, and remove barriers that business travelers faced when booking their trips.

Simplifying travel management technology

Traveler apps

While a smartphone and Wi-Fi is essential to corporate travel, apps makes things even easier. They allow airlines, retailers, and other vendors to generate valuable content for travelers as they’re on the go.

The overwhelming number of apps that travelers use only adds to the travel management complexity. One of the best ways to simplify it is by working with a TMC that can consolidate all these apps into one, like Adelman Travel’s mobile app, Ava.

Real-time traveler tracking

Duty of care is difficult to maintain if you do not have a good process to locate travelers while they’re abroad. To ensure that all of them maintain their health, safety, and compliance, you should use real-time traveler tracking software and other travel assistance tools.

Work with a TMC that offers risk management tools, like the SAP Concur Locate tool. This technology helps you identify risks that your employees might face and address issues should they arise.

How travel management companies can help

Travel managers have a lot of responsibilities and understandably want to make their work easier and more efficient. A TMC can help them achieve this by:

● Stripping away complexity so they can focus on the fundamentals
● Ensuring data security
● Improving traveler satisfaction
● Bridging the gap between theoretical simplification and actual execution

Who is impacted by travel management simplification

Simplifying travel technology and process through a TMC will be felt by the following areas in your company.

Travel managers

The first and most important group that is impacted by simplifying travel are the ones managing it. Managers are faced with keeping up with a variety of platforms, budgets, and policies – making it a job with a lot of moving parts.

A manager will benefit most when they partner with a TMC who has done the work for them by combining all of their platforms in to one. A reputable TMC should provide an app that will let you manage all these tasks and responsibilities via a single phone app–the ultimate simplification.

Procurement department

A TMC will help you book travel for less money. They have access to a broad network of connections within the airline, hotel, and transportation industries. These relationships mean you get access to fares and accommodations that aren’t available on consumer booking sites.

Communications department

A TMC makes sure that you are aware of the upgraded travel procedures and any updates pertaining to travel. They also have access to communication tools to help you track travelers on a business trip and pinpoint their location. Also, they provide you with risk management information so you know how to take care of problems when they arise.

Finance department

The billing process is streamlined when you work with a TMC. A good one will have the latest tools for managing travel expenses, identifying expenses that don’t comply with your travel policy, and approving or rejecting claim reimbursements.

Partnering with Adelman to simplify the traveler experience

At Adelman, we focus on maximizing business travelers’ productivity with a seamless experience that prioritizes comfort and safety. We handle collaboration with all vendors, so you don’t have to make arrangements and bookings with separate entities—hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and more—making your job easier. We ensure clear communication and collaboration with all internal departments and external vendors.

With more than 30 years in the business, Adelman has the skills and knowledge to make travel planning and management simpler. Contact us today so we can discuss the best solutions to your travel challenges!