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VIP Elite Travel:  Give Your Travelers the Best!

November 1, 2018 | For Travel Managers


If you’re looking for VIP travel services, look no further than Adelman. We are a leading corporate travel management company, elevating the travel experience with our VIP Elite travel consultants and travel management apps.

Adelman Elite

Adelman Elite is a VIP travel service that is Adelman’s flagship service for our corporate clients who need additional monitoring during travel. Members of Adelman Elite are served by a dedicated desk of VIP travel advisors who are highly experienced in organizing complex and high-touch travel. This dedicated desk also follows each traveler to ensure that trip disruption is non-existent. If you’re a member of Adelman Elite, you can expect the VIP team to deal with situations before they arise. Put simply, your travel hiccups will be amended before you even know they’ve happened.

Another differentiator of Adelman Elite VIP is the initial interview when a traveler joins the service. The specialized, VIP travel advisor will record all details and travel preferences, creating a tailored experience for each traveler. With our handy travel management app and VIP team by your side, you’ll never have to worry about travel issues ever again!

Adelman Concierge

We also offer concierge services similar to having your own personal assistant. And Adelman Concierge is not merely limited to travel – they can also reserve tables at exclusive restaurants, make recommendations based on your local area, procure tickets for sports games and shows, make reservations for tee time on golf courses, help with lost baggage searches, assist with shopping deliveries, and more. Essentially, if you need help with a tricky situation that can be solved remotely, Adelman Concierge are standing by to be of service.

The Adelman Concierge service offers more specialized services such as translation, currency conversions, global medical assistance, emergency travel arrangements and even assisting if you lose your passport and/or visa while abroad.

How VIP travel services can help

If you’re traveling, especially for business reasons, do you really want to worry about logistical matters that could be better handled by an expert team? As a travel manager or business owner, it is a huge benefit to offer travel services and technology that can make the lives of your travelers much easier.

The VIP services and travel management app Adelman provides are the perfect solutions. Thanks to proactive monitoring, your VIP travel advisor team will rebook a flight segment as soon as there is notification of a delay or cancellation that requires attention.

Similarly, if issues should arise with hotel check-in times, overbooking, or a lack of available hotel rooms, the Adelman specialized VIP team will identify solutions quickly and seamlessly, presenting you with multiple solutions. Although you might be able to do this yourself, our experience, connections, and expertise make us the best people for the job, not to mention all the hassle and downtime we inevitably spare our clients.

If you’re looking for VIP Elite travel services or a travel management app to help you streamline your trip, Adelman could be just the company you need. We offer tailor-made solutions to your travel issues, contact us to hear more!