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3 Things that Stress Out Today’s Corporate Traveler

March 14, 2018 | For Travel Managers, For Travelers

In the world of corporate travel, road warriors are faced with smaller seats on planes, fuller flights, and the ever-pressing concern of safety. Although using a corporate travel service can help streamline the booking process, travelers still have the inevitable anxiety that comes with traveling.

Here are three things that your travelers are stressing about while they’re on the road.

1.    Safety Concerns

With the rise in terror attacks the past couple decades, airport security is continually increasing every year. Although the uptick in safety has resulted in less hijacked airplanes, passengers are still nervous about terrorism occurring at baggage claim and other central areas with less security.

Though it’s not frequently discussed, corporate travelers are also often on edge about their own medical conditions and mental health. If not handled effectively, these unforeseen events could horribly derail a trip, affecting not only the employee but also the company’s bottom line.

2.    Work-Life Balance

Now that Millennials are the most frequent business travelers, the idea of “bleisure” (business-leisure) has become more of the norm. Extending their trip results in a blended trip between work and pleasure that Millennials have grown to love. Younger passengers are excited about traveling the world while simultaneously progressing their careers.

The older generation, however, sees business travel as more of a chore and time away from family. Much more than their younger counterparts, older passengers are seriously concerned about how their company’s travel policy will impact their work-life balance. As they become more equipped with modern technology, they are requesting video conference calls over in-person meetings in an effort to stay closer to home.

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3.    Staying Productive and Calm

The buzzword “permanxiety” has unfortunately become a way of life for many corporate travelers. It’s a state of permanent anxiety due to hyper-connected people that use social media to create a state of permanent agitation.

The saying, “there’s an app for that” has burrowed itself into the corporate travel world. For those travelers in the permanxiety state, they can download apps to help them stay calm and productive while they’re away. Some of the apps include:

  • Companion: This app lets a loved one be your virtual companion when you’re in an unknown or unsafe area. They can track your GPS location without ever downloading the app. It also allows the traveler to set off a blaring alarm, should they need to scare off a threatening person.
  • CDC Travwell: From Zika Virus to Ebola, international health scares are always a concern. This app provides advice to travelers based on the city they’re going to, sending destination-specific medical tips.
  • Packpoint: This packing-list app gives you recommendations based on your destination, weather, planned activities, and length of stay. Never worry about packing the right thing again!
  • Grab: No longer are the days where you need to stay near your gate to cram in a meal before your flight. This app gives you the ability to pre-order your meals at the airport’s restaurants, which is perfect for the time-pressed traveler.

As your travelers are on the move, there’s always going to be anxiety and fear that something could go wrong. Work with a corporate travel service company like Adelman Travel to ensure your company has a travel policy and continuous support around the clock. Get in touch with us today at (414) 410-8399 to get started.