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What Business Travelers Need to Know about Data Privacy

July 18, 2018 | For Travelers

It’s no secret that General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is in full force, causing companies across the world to scurry around making sure that they comply with the data privacy regulations for EU citizens.

Personal data, however, allows business travel to be possible, and empowers corporate travel services. As a result, it is important that business travelers know how to share their data for their benefit, as opposed to giving it away to third parties with bad intentions or vulnerable frameworks.

Data Privacy Will Break Down Walls

Conversations about data privacy will certainly help encourages open dialogue in companies which may have been less transparent in the past. Data protection regulations now divide companies into “data controllers” who take responsibility for the information, and “data processors”, who simply process it according to the instructions of a controller.

For example, a worker who orders their subordinates to enter personal data in a travel management app is a data controller, while said subordinates are considered a data processor and nothing more.

Travel Managers Will Feel Less Pressure

Generally speaking, the global distribution system, travel buyer, and travel supplier are treated as data controllers. This means, in turn, that travel management companies now take much of the burden for data protection compliance. As a final result, travel managers have less of the GDPR weight on their shoulders and can focus on more pressing matters such as their travel management apps and systems.

Focus is Shifting to Heightened Security

In an age where data has become an incredibly valuable commodity, it is more important than ever to protect it. The computer networks used for travel booking are often targeted by hackers, meaning that travel companies are having to be more diligent about safeguarding the data they handle.

From travel management apps to hotel booking systems, anything that involves personal data needs to be assessed for vulnerabilities. Although the GDPR regulations don’t necessarily force companies to tighten their cybersecurity, they do force them to make a public announcement when data has been breached. Avoiding to do so can result in a PR nightmare and damaged reputation.

Being informed about GDPR should serve as a foundation for business travelers so they don’t have to feel wary about giving their personal data out to travel management apps and business travel companies. At Adelman, we prioritize data security, especially when it comes to corporate travelers and their companies. We’ve been in the corporate travel space for over three decades, and know that this is not just a trend to brush over. Get in touch with a representative today to see how Adelman can shape a safe, customized travel program for your business.