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What You Need to Know about TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

May 31, 2018 | For Travelers

When you’re heading out for a vacation, then airports can seem like a fun and whimsical place that represent your recreational travels. If you’re a business traveler, however, airports can be tiring and time-consuming places that drain all your time and energy.
To skip the lines in airports and save yourself some time, it may be wise to familiarize yourself with the latest TSA Pre-check and Global Entry programs. Whether you fly independently or use a corporate travel service, it’s recommended to sign up for one of these programs, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

TSA Pre-check Explained for Corporate Travelers

TSA Pre-check is only for domestic US travel, allowing you to go through the expedited security line. Used at over 200 US airports, TSA Pre-check doesn’t require a valid passport for you to sign up. US citizens, residents, and nationals can sign up for TSA Pre-check, and there are no age restrictions currently in place for the system.

TSA Pre-check normally forces you to wait in line for less than five minutes, though this can vary according to popular travel times. TSA Pre-checks also mean that you don’t have to remove items such as your shoes, electronic devices, liquids, light jackets, and belts when going through security.

A good corporate travel service can easily guide you through the application process, which costs $85 for every five years of membership. The online application only takes 5 minutes and is followed by a 10-minute background check at an enrollment center near you.

Why Corporate Travelers will Love Global Entry

Re-entering the US? Global Entry allows you to skip the US Customs security lines, and also use the TSA Pre-check security lines if flying domestically. You can also use expedited lines for other countries that participate in the global entry program too.

The program costs $100 for every five years of membership. Lean on an experienced corporate travel service provider to help you with the Global Entry application process, though there are some strict eligibility criteria in place.

US citizens and US permanent residents are eligible, as well as the citizens of some other nations. Citizens of Columbia, the UK, Panama, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, and Switzerland are also eligible, though visas may be required to travel to some of these countries.

Through the NEXUS partnership program, Canadian citizens and residents are also eligible for Global Entry, while a similar arrangement is in place for Dutch citizens via the Netherlands’ FLUX partnership program. Under-18s must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian in order to apply for the Global Entry program.

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