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January 2023

Adelman Travel is dedicated to serving our employees and the communities around us.

Our focus in 2023 is to (insert verbiage about the goals/vision of the EEC program here.)

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Adelman’s Virtual Assistant (Ava), serves as a seamless, integrated, all-in-one mobile experience for travelers, travel arrangers, and travel managers to easily access all the information and tools they need from one mobile platform. Ava delivers the flexibility to book, manage and view business trips, with immediate access to support via phone, email, text message or live chat. 

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Adelman Wellness

Ava Desktop, Adelman’s proprietary desktop platform, provides the ability for a Travel Arranger or Executive Assistants to access all travel details and profile information for the executives and employees they arrange travel for.  Ava Desktop is accessible in the desktop environment and eliminates the need to “emulate” a traveler to access information. 

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(CSR) Community Service Responsibility

Adelman provides the digital booking solutions, as an experienced reseller and Top-tier Elite TMC Partner of SAP Concur Travel, as well as Deem and GetThere technologies. Adelman supports and provides assistance with a variety of digital booking solutions that enforces your organizations managed travel policy and integrates with your expense program.

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