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Expense Management

Streamline your expense management with a smart, modern solution that automates expense reports and improves visibility into your business spend.

Capture Expenses with Ease

When employees track expenses in real-time, it creates visibility. Financial managers can see exactly how much their teams are spending on TravelBank's insights dashboard.

With automation, employees can capture expenses as they happen. TravelBank's app enables receipt photo snapping, scanning technology to backfill details, credit card syncs, and more.  Once entered, machine learning expedites the categorization processes of the expenses, allowing for faster, easier expense report processing.

Fast Multi-Platform Approvals

Automation helps you spend less time creating and approving expense reports. Review and approve expense reports from any device.

At the end of a trip, employees are able to submit their reports with a quick tap or click, and their manager is notified that a report is pending approval. After manager sign-off, the finance team is able to quickly audit the report and approve for reimbursement.

24 Hour Reimbursements

Reimbursing employees has never been easier. Adelman powered by TravelBank helps your company process reimbursements for employee out-of-pocket expenses in 24 hours, ensuring they get their money back as quickly as possible for their business purchases. 

Get Started in Minutes, Not Months

Your company needs an expense management solution that grows with it, is simple to set up for your entire company, and makes it easy to invite new employees. Visit on a desktop computer to set your company up in minutes. Download the app on your phone to manage expenses and reports on-the-go.

At Adelman we’re not just serving customers, we’re creating Fans.

Technology that automates the travel expense process including booking within budget, report approvals, receipt tracking, reimbursements, and budget management and forecasting is available to streamline tasks and save time.  

Expense Pricing

Adelman powered by TravelBank's Expense Management Solution will be offered on a subscription basis, per user, per month with unlimited expense reports.


$8 User/Month

*Annual Subscription


  • Unlimited expense reports
  • Unlimited receipt scans
  • Customize Expense Categories
  • Multi-stage approvals
  • Multi-platform
  • Credit card sync
  • Export to Excel/.csv
  • Integrations

  • Quickbooks,, Xero, and Netsuite (Premium)
  • TravelBank travel management platform
  • Okta SSO
  • HRIS Integrations (Premium)
  • Reimbursement

  • Online/next-day ACH reimbursement
  • Support

  • Priority product support
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Questions about Expense Management? Contact us for a Personalized Demo!