The self-service destination focusedautomated approval tool designed to keep business traveler safe.

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Companies have a responsibility to keep their employees safe when they’re traveling.

As we prepare for the uncertain future of business travel, solutioning for the new needs and requirements for ensuring traveler safety, Adelman Travel has engineered a proprietary ‘destination focused’ pre-trip approval tool that empowers businesses with the ability to help protect their employees who travel, mitigate risks and fulfill their duty of care requirements.

How it Works

Designates approval for high-risk zones

Automates future trips to require approval

Notifies high-level stakeholders to approve or deny a trip

What does Hot Spot Approvals Provide

Adelman Travel can help you better understand and assess the global risks your travelers may face and ensure you meet your duty of care obligation.  We combine intelligent technology, knowledgeable advice and innovative solutions to help you mitigate potential threats.

Instant access to global intelligent risk information

Changes and customization in real-time for multi-destination approvals, business hierarchy groups, date parameters and designated approvers by region, country, state and city.

Traveler Tracking reports and details for trips currently booked to locate employees in an emergency.

Client Benefits

Proactive assessment and management of employee risk & safety

Drives traveler confidence (peace of mind)

Can leverage for any Duty of Care need - weather, civil unrest, outbreaks, etc.

On-demand reporting available

No app or software to download with minimal set-up required

Available for all Adelman offered booking channels including travel consultant, online, chat and mobile

Access Global Risk Intelligence to quickly evaluate high risk zones and alerts

Set up pre-trip approval requirements for travelers based on the locations you choose

Submit changes or critical updates to your approval process for future travel in realtime

High-level approvers can approve or deny travel with an easy one-click process via email

Access on demand reporting for details on all approvals and denials made for each trip by assigned approver

Want to learn more about how it works?

Hot Spot Approvals’ fully customizable functionality simplifies the complexities of a traditional approval process flow by enabling high-level approvers to instantly add, update or remove destinations requiring approval in realtime. Watch to learn more.


“Due to the global pandemic, travel protocols and requirements are changing constantly, and companies need to be able to evaluate risks and trigger approval requirements in realtime based on the destinations they choose,” said Jennifer Torre, VP of Technology of Adelman Travel. “Inclusive of our return to travel strategy and consultation with our customers, understanding their duty of care program and priorities, we are able to incorporate a solution that empowers them to keep their travelers safe and mitigate risks.”

Jennifer Torre, VP of Technology of Adelman Travel.

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