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Corporate travelers need to be in the know about every detail of their trip without toggling between platforms. AVA, Adelman’s proprietary mobile app, enables them to seamlessly manage and update their travel and profile all in one place anywhere, anytime.

Real-Time Updates for Less Traveler Disruption

AVA users will receive flight disruption alerts like delays and cancelations days, weeks, and hours ahead of time. Leveraging artificial intelligence, AVA also sends alternative options in the case that the airlines are not aligning with the traveler’s itinerary. This puts the power back in to the traveler’s hands by letting them be proactive rather than reactive to flight disruptions.

System Integration Encourages Policy Compliance

Because traveler data is fed directly in to Adelman’s reporting system, tracking travel and booking is easier than ever. Travelers can book their trips right in the app, ensuring they abide by travel policy. Plus, users have instant access to past invoices so they have better visibility in to spend and reimbursement. Instantly, they can see how their trips stack up against company policy.

Continued Support for the Traveler Upon Arrival

The app continues to support the traveler once the plane has landed. AVA delivers weather updates, directions to the hotel with an embedded navigation tool, and flight check-in and airport information for the return trip.

The interactive mobile itinerary lays out every detail of not just the current trip, but all upcoming ones as well. Should an emergency arise or schedule conflict occur, AVA users have direct access to an Adelman travel agent or suggested “quick links” that can assist them while on the road. AVA is the solution to ‘round-the-clock support travelers have been seeking.

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