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Adelman provides advanced online reporting of all your program data through our easy-to-use, dashboard-style reporting tool, Analyst. Based on Cognos Business Intelligence technology, Analyst allows us to deliver individualized travel management information with targeted, strategic reporting.

It makes the entirety of your travel data available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Plus, its user-friendly interface and click-through functionality enables users to drill down to the exact data they need easily and efficiently. The data can be integrated and accessible in various formats.

While 24/7 access to your own program data is a defining Adelman benefit, the basics of MIS reporting are common of companies of our caliber. However, where we differ is through our Client Success Manager’s ability and expertise in proactively turning your data into impactful solutions that will continuously improve your program.

Adelman Differentiator—Expense Reporting Integration

Adelman Travel’s strong partnership with SAP Concur has enabled us to integrate our own solutions and products with all of SAP’s major platforms, particularly Concur Expense. These advanced integration capabilities have resulted in opportunities for Adelman to build in customized parameters and provide best-in-class solutions based on our clients’ unique travel needs.

Currently, Analyst is the only tool that can simultaneously present your data and analytics for both travel and expense transactions, all in one place. This also includes non-traditional expense items, like mileage, dining receipts, entertainment purchases, or any other categorized item expensed in SAP Concur.

Analyst offers revolutionary and convenient visibility into your total travel spend, program compliance and leakage all the way down to the traveler level. By incorporating expense data into automated calculations, you’ll see direct comparisons against your travel transaction data.

This one-of-a-kind tool leads to more informed management and improvement of your program and corporate policy. The Analyst integration also eliminates the need for you to access and attempt to investigate different, complex sources for travel data and expense data, which saves your travel manager both time and resources.

The true differentiator of Adelman’s big data reporting is its predictive nature. With all advanced data sets in a single pane, your travel managers and Adelman Client Success Manager will highlight behavioral trends to both predict future traveler behavior and identify problems with leakage and non-compliancy. These predictive capabilities empower everyone involved to adjust policies and isolate unnecessary spending.

Adelman’s reporting integrations are inclusive of other SAP Concur products as well, including TripLink and Risk Management. This makes us a unique TMC that can combine your travel data, expenses, duty of care information, and rogue travel bookings into a single reporting solution, a one-stop-shop for your travel manager.

We know you’ll see significant cost reductions and overall improvement of your travel program. Analyst makes us the only TMC that can provide full visibility into your total T&E spend at one time and place.

Simplify Your Business Travel Management

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