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Adelman is a reseller of SAP Concur Travel, Deem, and GetThere, which are market leaders in managed online booking solutions. We have strong relationships with each, and we have received awards from our partners for superior delivery and support of their products. Adelman Travel is also on the advisory boards for these companies, meaning our clients have direct input in suggesting improvements and enhancements as we formally discuss these items annually.

These online booking tools offer a variety of benefits to our clients, and we’ll work together to determine which tool suits your new travel program.  

With years of experience in the interactive booking arena, we can internally support and provide assistance with all of our online booking tools.  We provide multiple levels of technical and navigational support and service through a full-time, twenty-member team, available to your travelers at no additional cost. Based on your needs, you can choose from the following tiers:

  • First Level Support:  The specialists on our Online Development Team are trained to support your online booking tool, and they have the ability to view and assist an online reservation along with the traveler. In addition, our 24/7 Emergency Services Group is trained to respond and support all our online booking tools. Issues supported by our First Level Support are usually resolved during the first phone call.
  • Second Level Support:  Our Internal Online Help Desk offers clients the ability to work with the same team of experts every time they call. Not having to rely on a third party leads to faster, more effective communication and issue resolution. Adelman requires that each member of our second level support staff have a minimum of five years of experience and be certified to support and administer all our online booking tools. This experienced, internal team provides full implementation, technical support, and traveler or travel arranger training.
  • Programming and Integration:  Because Adelman Travel provides our own internal online support department, we offer many of the features that are not supported by other companies. We are also able to integrate our proprietary technology tools into the online booking tools, thereby providing a superior product to our corporate customers.
Simplify Your Business Travel Management.

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