Travel Alerts

The Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy (G20 Summit) will be taking place in Osaka, Japan at the International Exhibition Center, June 28-29, 2019.

As a result, travel to/from and around the Kansai International Airport and Osaka city area is expected to be impacted June 27-30. Flights to/from the Osaka International Airport may also be effected.

Visitors travelling during this period are strongly urged to commute by train and to allow additional travel time to/from the airport due to highway traffic restrictions and limited access to the Kansai airport bridge, which will result in limited to no accessibility for public taxis, buses and limousines. In addition large-scale, long-lasting traffic restrictions are planned on the roads within the Osaka city area.

Security measures at the airport will be tightened during this period. Police officers will be stationed at all entry points of the airport and travelers will be expected to show valid travel documents, including flight itinerary or boarding pass, to enter.

Airlines are warning that flights departing from and arriving to Kansai and Osaka International Airport may be delayed due to operations of government aircrafts from each country.

Travelers are advised to not only monitor airline flight status with regards to your specific itinerary but ground transportation arrangements as well.

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information.


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