Travel Alerts

Several industrial actions are on the horizon in the UK as follows:

London Heathrow
Over 4,000 workers, including security guards, engineers and passenger service representatives are set to walk out July 26- 27, Aug. 5-6, and Aug. 23-24. According to Unite the union, the walkout “could potentially shut down the airport”. The union is still negotiating with the airport.

Delta and KLM have issued waivers for travel July 26- 27. These waivers could be extended and other airlines may also offer flexible rebooking.

London Gatwick
Staff working at Gatwick Airport are currently voting on whether or not to strike. Workers have until July 26 to decide what they want to do. If members vote for industrial action, strikes could begin in mid-August, which would inevitably create disruption at the airport.

London Stansted
Staff working on EasyJet’s check-in counters at Stansted Airport confirmed a 17-day strike. Scheduled dates include July 25 to 29, Aug. 2 to 5, Aug. 9 to 12, Aug. 16 to 19 and Aug. 23 to 27.

British Airways
British Airways pilots are currently voting on whether or not to strike. Members have until July 22 to return their votes. If a job action is approved. Strikes couldn’t begin until August 5. Specific details have not been confirmed as the union and the airline are still in talks.

Ryanair pilots are also being balloted over whether or not to strike. The pilots involved have until August 7 to return their ballots, and if they vote for strike action, it could begin two weeks later, putting the date at around August 21.

Travelers are advised to monitor these developing situations and check flight status with regards to your specific itinerary. Travelers may also need to allow extra time to transit impacted airports due to the disruption these actions could cause.

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information.  


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