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Forecasters say that slow moving Tropical Storm Barry is intensifying and will likely develop into a hurricane by late Friday or early Saturday.  This system brings a threat of major rainfall (up to 25 inches in some areas) flooding, storm-surge flooding and high winds over the weekend to the coastal areas along Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Parts of Texas and Florida are also expected to feel the effects of Barry. New Orleans is facing an unprecedented problem, according to the National Weather Service because The Mississippi River, which is usually at 6 to 8 feet in midsummer in the Big Easy, is currently at 16 feet, due to record flooding that’s taken place this year all along the waterway. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some parishes.

Airlines have issued waivers as follows:

Alaska Airlines: New Orleans for travel through July 13 and Houston through July 12.

Allegiant Air: Gulfport and New Orleans for travel through July 15.

American: Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Beaumont / Port Arthur, Gulfport / Biloxi, Hattiesburg / Laurel, Jackson, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Meridian, Mobile, New Orleans and Pensacola through July 14

Delta: Baton Rouge, Gulfport, Jackson, Lafayette, Mobile and New Orleans through July 14.

Frontier: Houston, Jackson, Lafayette and New Orleans through July 14.

JetBlue: New Orleans for travel through July 14.

Southwest: Panama City Beach and Pensacola for travel through July 13 and for Corpus Christi, Houston and New Orleans for travel through July 14.

Spirit: Houston and New Orleans for travel through July 14.

United: Baton Rouge, Ft. Walton Beach, Gulfport, Jackson, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Mobile, Monroe, New Orleans, Panama City, Pensacola and Shreveport for travel through July 14.

These waivers could be further modified as the storm continues to develop. Other airports in the region could also be impacted by the storm and other carriers may also offer waivers.

As a reminder flight delays at hub airports could cause a ripple effect for other flights around the country. Travelers are advised to monitor airline flight status with regards to your specific itinerary.

Please contact your airline or your Adelman Travel consultant for additional information.


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