Airlines issue waivers as next cross country winter storm develops | Update: Airlines issue travel waivers due to political unrest in Haiti |

Travel Alerts

Forecasters expect Hurricane Florence to make landfall likely between South Carolina and Virginia late Thursday and into Friday, Sept. 13-14.  The dangerous storm is then expected to stall over the Carolinas and Virginia bringing destructive winds, heavy rain and flooding for several days.  

Most all airlines serving airports in the expected impact zone (Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia) including Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta,  Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit,  United  and WestJet  issued waivers for flights originally scheduled starting Sept. 12 or 13 through Sept. 16 or Sept. 17.

Some airlines including American and Southwest are also offering waivers for flights to Baltimore and the Washington D.C. area. 

Hilton has implemented a flexible change/cancelation policy for guests affected by Hurricane Florence for stays with arrivals Thursday, September 13, through Monday, September 17 regardless of travel destination. Travelers must contact Hilton directly to change or cancel their reservation under the waiver policy.  

Other travel suppliers may also be offering waivers or may extend their existing waivers as this storm continues to develop. Check with your airline, other travel supplier or your Adelman travel consultant for specific rebooking or cancelation options in regards to these waivers.

Travelers should continue to monitor the track and impacts of this storm in addition to specifics in regards to your travel arrangements.

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information. 

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