Travel Alerts

Due to devastating damage caused by Dorian around the Bahamas some airlines have extended their travel waivers as below. However travelers should note that some parts of the Bahamas were spared and are welcoming visitors.

American further extended its waivers and now includes travel through Dec. 15 to Freeport and Marsh Harbor.

Delta has waivers in place to Georgetown and Nassau through Sept. 21. Waivers to Marsh Harbor are in effect through Dec. 15.

Other carriers may also offer extended waivers. 

Check with your airline or your Adelman travel consultant for specific rebooking or cancelation options in regards to these waivers.

Travelers are advised to monitor airline flight status with regards to your specific itinerary. 

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information.  

Do you need emergency assistance?

Call (800) 231-3999 or (414) 410-8399

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