Adelman Travel Co-Worker Compliments

Thank you for all of the hard work everyone has done this year.

In this time of giving thanks, I want to express how incredibly THANKFUL I am for every person within the Vacations, Chamber Discoveries, and Food & Wine Trails team! Thank you all for your individual and collective contributions to make this vacation organization what it is today!

Enjoy your much deserved Wellness Day and holiday weekend; you all have earned this and so much more.

I want to say how much I appreciate the fantastic support we all receive from our internal support areas. There were many shifts and changes due to the pandemic this year, and many of you, like others, were wearing multiple and new hats! Thanks to all you do throughout the year!

Lori Lang: Lori has gone above and beyond tackling various IT projects and her attention to detail and planning are impeccable. No matter how busy she is, Lori remains pleasant and helpful. I have tremendous confidence in her abilities and the IT team is thankful to have her!

I would like to compliment Alissa Flynn. Alissa is very helpful and detailed in all of the information she has provided me with! Even if she does not have the answer she does not stop until she us able to assist me with a resolution! Very Happy to have her support.

Lisa Kuglitsch has been perseverant during these difficult times with less resources available to her. She has always responded to any requests with a ‘yes’ despite a large workload on her desk, and always with a smile. She is a pleasure to work with!

Vanessa Morgan is an asset to the company and a pleasure to work with. I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from Vanessa. She is always willing to assist with a myriad of ways and as much as she possibly can during these difficult and unique times.

Maria Cyr is a sweet and awesome co-worker! She always answers the phone with a smile and is happy to help with anything!

I wanted to express my appreciation for Andy McGraw. His vision and his passion pushed Adelman forward to build confidence in our ability to lead the industry. I also appreciate how much he genuinely values his employees and the hard work that everyone does to make Adelman successful. I hope we can carry on with the same enthusiasm and dedication to do more, be more, and aim higher.

Steve Cline is wonderful to work for. He is always measured, thoughtful, and genuinely takes all ideas into consideration. He has taught me to look at clients, products, and approaches with new perspective. I appreciate his leadership at our company, and I’m glad he will be leading us into the future.

Working with Mike Collins is like a breath of fresh air. He is smart, helpful, and just has a way of breaking things down and discussing them in a way that innately instills confidence. He’s always open to ideas, always willing to lend a hand whenever requested, and has the best/funniest stories! I love working with him.

I love the positivity and drive Dana Walker brings to Adelman every day. She’s such an easy-going spirit, except when it comes to winning business. Her drive and competitive spirit makes you want to win, not just for Adelman, but for her personally. We are lucky to have her at Adelman!

I just want to give a compliment to Salem Eways. I’ve noticed he’s been involved in helping with a lot of different departments and projects. He is so friendly and upbeat as he dives in to help where-ever he can. I really appreciate that about him.

I would like to submit a compliment for Sandy Bountinas. No matter how busy she is, she is always available when I need her assistance. If she doesn’t know the answer, she assists me trying to find the answer immediately. I know that I can always count on her which is a great feeling in these uncertain times!

Vicki Hoffman was been wonderful throughout this whole downsize of our business. Very calm and so helpful.

Laura Schad is always so giving of her time and works hard behind the scenes to ensure the success of Adelman’s internal and external culture. 5 stars!

Ann Miller and Denise Clark are a powerful 1-2 combo on Adelman’s service agreements! They consistently slice through redlines to create deals that make sense for Adelman and client alike, while carefully protecting Adelman’s commercial and legal interests. Thanks goodness they’re on our side!

Alissa Flynn is one of the most generous colleagues one could ask for - always supportive, attentive and helpful!

It is clear that Sandy Birkbeck is an incredibly hard worker. I love working on projects with her because I know I can count on her to be knowledgeable and get things done even with all of the things she has on her plate every day. Thank you Sandy!

Michelle Foster has such a great sense of humor. She’s so much fun to work with and she really knows her stuff!

Mike Collins is just fantastic! He’s an excellent listener, and his wisdom and unwavering support make him not only a standout in our company but also just one hell of a guy!

Liz is everywhere and does great work! Sometimes I swear there are three of her 😊.

Lori Lang is a wonderful part of the Adelman team, and I just love her positive, fun attitude!

Becca Cramer is a wonderful team leader by always finding a way to get it done, and done well.

Connie Lange has a wonderful unique perspective and is really admirable how she always sees jobs through

Having Fran Wilder’s experience and knowledge on the team has made a huge difference

I want to compliment LaShandra Robertson. She has been a sling the CSA customers nearly alone since Covid began. She has implemented countless new customers into Adelman and always has a positive attitude and works so hard to ensure her customers are happy.

Joe Peltier should be recognized. He is fun to work with and always willing to help his coworkers. He has been hard at work selling stimulus fees, actively contributing to the team’s success and helping with new and inherited customers. On top of all of that, he moved during Covid and has been helping LaShandra and the CSA client list.

General to All Our Colleagues: The entire Adelman Team is one we should all be proud of! Never before have I worked with such a talented, caring, supportive, likeable and just all-around great bunch of people. Thankful for the great work we do and the wonderful people we have the honor of working with!

All my co-workers are so amazing... everyone is always ready to help when someone has a problem or issue. Thankful for all of them!

I wanted to send compliments to Salem Eways, Linda Kapinos, Jeffrey Prell and Alissa Flynn for their help in finishing the server migration we needed to complete last week for Analyst. They were tossed into testing the server migration and our Analyst reporting system suddenly last week and despite being busy themselves, they approached the testing with positivity. All of them continued to offer assistance even after their portion of the testing was completed. They all wanted to see us complete our goal on time and took on an incredible Adelman 3.0 team approach to get it done. They had to learn a lot and work with areas of Analyst they were not familiar with, but they were determined to help. I never would have completed the project without their help. They were Rock Stars! I appreciated the enthusiasm, the determination, the attention to detail and the expediency of their efforts.

Sally Hanlon’s flexibility and dedication to anything we throw at her is so greatly appreciated. Most recently she took on learning the multi-faceted world of Rewards and Fulfillment. Her unwavering support of any customer that comes her way is phenomenal! Thank you Sally!

Brandee Thompson has been great stepping up to assist in whatever was needed to keep the Adelman Client Experience Ship afloat during this crazy COVID storm! From learning new corporate accounts to Rewards and Fulfilment, Brandee continued to exude professionalism and great customer service whatever sailed in front of her! Thanks Brandee!

Margo Guenther has been integral this year in transitioning Ascend over to Adelman. She started out with so many Ascend fans as the year started and then COVID hit. Margo continued to support Ascend with whatever was needed and at the same time proactively sought out additional work to support her teammates. Thank you Margo!

Chris Brough - always creative at finding ways to engage his customers and make the sale. He is the most knowledgeable sales person in our industry and it shows.

Alan Seibert - builds lasting relationships with all of our clients through honesty ,integrity, hard work and great representation. A true professional in the sales field.

Bea James – I can’t say enough great things about Bea. Customers love her! She not only has great knowledge and service skills, but she really listens to her client’s needs, and truly responds how her clients need her to whatever the situation. Bea’s diverse knowledge of everything she supports is so greatly appreciated! Thanks Bea!

Kacie Pack is a Rockstar! I don’t think there is a problem she can’t work to get a resolution to. Her customer service, patience, and empathy when working with clients is so evident. CLIENTS LOVE HER! Thanks Kacie!

Josh Ells - Thank you for being a team player, Josh! You are always offering your assistance to others in need, even when you are just as busy. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and it is appreciated.

Debbie Jannusch – Thank you for providing GREAT customer service! Having a friendly and knowledgeable individual on the phone to help you navigate tough payroll and benefits questions is always appreciated.

Andrew Schaefer: For a job that I’m sure has him scrambling in many directions, you can always count on Andrew to be there to address our needs, small or large, on a timely basis. He returns messages quickly & is always friendly & helpful handling our ‘emergencies’……. He’s appreciated by our entire team - he’s the best!

Bea, Beth, Brandee, Chrissy, Corey, Courtney, Darcy, Darlene, Jennifer, Karen, Keri, Laura, Margo, Maria, Rose, Sally, Sherry, Vicki and Molli. I cannot thank just one person as this as truly been a group effort. Through the ups and downs I think we have come together and worked as a team to help Adelman and our clients. What is one person’s weakness may be another’s strength. We have worked together to get through this and have come together as one team. I have always heard the saying “It takes a village”, I think it takes a family which is what we have become. I am grateful to call you co-workers and thankful to call you friends.

Laura McCrary is a talented and fun mom! She is always doing fun outings with Ava. She is also a super hard worker and a great customer service focused agent.

I would like to submit a compliment for both Karen Allen and Geri Jacoby-Smith. With everyone working from home/retired/furloughed, these two have really stepped up. They are always willing to help if needed, always have an upbeat attitude, and they go above and beyond to service both their clients and the clients of other agents. They have personally helped me/my clients out on many occasions. Both of them are rock stars!

Sherry Delucia is a very dedicated agent, she jumps in wherever needed and is a big help to her team and manager.

Courtney Lewis is dedicated to the Group Air department. She goes out of her way to accommodate all the nuances of each and every meeting planner and makes them feel special.

Jennifer Hayes is a very kind person, always willing to go the extra mile for Assemblies of God account and do whatever it takes to help them.

Rose Abaroa – Committed to going above and beyond daily! Provides outstanding service.

Steven Vosbigian – I always appreciate his ability to stay calm, cool, and collected through any challenge or event. Especially with all the craziness of 2020, it’s refreshing to talk with someone who is upbeat and optimistic.

Kathy Delos – She is one of the most helpful and resourceful individuals you will ever stumble across. She brings a positive attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone she is working with.

Lisa Kuglitsch – She has to be on everyone’s favorite list within the organization. She works hard, she is organized and timely with every project you put on her plate, and she always goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are taken care of. We would be lost without her!

Marketing Department – You all deserve so much credit for what you have been able to pull together and put in place since COVID first struck. The website is looking better than ever, Know Before You Go, the new Sales and Client Success presentation decks, the work never stops for you and you keep exceeding expectations every step of the way!

Sandy Bountinas – She is a one-person team in the middle of a crazy and abnormal Hotel RFP season and she never complains. She works tirelessly to keep up with everything on her plate to ensure all of our customers stay happy and have what they need for next year.

Mendy Augustine is a great agent, very meticulous and deeply cares about the customer. She has been instrumental in the success of the Cirrus account.

Karen Landreman – Provides great service to Krones. Thank you for taking such good care of them!

I would like to acknowledge Tom Westley for his tireless work. His help correcting issues with virtual payment solutions, APT Approval, and making sure the necessary actions are taken care of with new clients and agent changes, show his dedication. I couldn’t ask for a better co-worker/super-hero! J Thank you, Tom!

I would also like to acknowledgment Jason Ellis and Maurine Baker. Over the past several months we have had to wear many “hats” in Automation/QC and, working together, we’ve always made those “hats” stand out for the right reasons. From helping to roll out new products, correct items that might break, and, of course, Decision Source conversion project, I am fortunate to work with some of the greatest people…better known as my Adelman peeps.

Liz Schaaf challenges me to be a better person and more out of the box thinker every day. She is a true shining star!

Cathleen Cohen is such a fun person to be around, always makes others laugh and always has a positive outlook on even the crummiest of situations! I am so thankful to have Vicki Hoffman at Adelman. She is one of the hardest workers I know and never gives up trying to do what’s best for all of clients as well as for the agents.

I want to recognize Jeff Ochaita. He is a true leader, team player and is completely dedicated to seeing Adelman succeed. As a co-worker, he is someone you can rely on, trust and go to for advice. It’s a true blessing to have him a part of our leadership team.

Darlene DeCenzo – Able to step in at moment’s notice! The knowledge she has in travel is extraordinary!

April Simeon– Dedicated and always helpful

Sonja Severn – Very personable and always pleasant to work with

Keri Cassens – Always willing to help, anyone, anytime, with anything.

Cheryl McCoy – Personable and always easy to work with.

I want to compliment Sarah Paola. She has been such a delight to work with. She always has a positive attitude with the sweetest smile and is open to new ideas. She has been an integral part of every aspect of Adelman since she has joined leaving an indelible mark on our new look and feel of marketing materials, client presentations, and RFP responses. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several projects over the past year or so and there has never been a time that I haven’t either learned something or discovered of a new way to approach something. Her work is always completed on time and she has never once hesitated to jump on a call to work through something, even if it was 9PM on a Tuesday night. I feel very fortunate to have her on our team.

I want to thank Ann Miller for all the endless changes she has to do with all the contract changes lately. She is always thinking outside the box, she keeps us straight on wording and not afraid to express her ideas. Ann is such a valuable employee to all in the company, but she makes my life so much easier with contracts. Thank you Ann for everything you do!!! You are AWESOME!!!

I want to thank my accounting team for all the work they have done these past months. I know it hasn’t been easy but you have stepped up to get everything done. You are a great team and I am so fortunate to be working with some awesome individuals. Thank you!!
Linda Steffan
Tina Gordan
Lois Roloff
Jenny Donaldson
Allison Schwab
Jamie Rick
Jennifer Berlin

Just wanted to say a THANK YOU to Vicki Hoffman. She has (tried) to help me understand the VERY convoluted process of unused ticket waivers with the different Airlines and appreciate her patience! I know she has a lot of things on her plate and she has been able to respond to client questions in a timely manner.

Sarah Paola has been an absolutely incredible person to work for in the last year. I always feel like I get clear direction and feedback from Sarah. She also wears so many hats in her position, especially in our situation where our team has been limited to just a few people. It's amazing that we can accomplish so much with our time and resources, and a lot of it is due to Sarah's vision and leadership. Thanks!

We have a great team of agents. We are busy, but when I reach out to another agent for help or another set of eyes to look at something, everyone has been positive and helpful. I’m fortunate to be working with a great group of people and a company that cares. Let’s be hopeful that 2021 will bring great things for every aspect of our home and work life.

Tracy, Karen Allen, Geri Jacoby, Diana Wray

I love working with Suzanne Burr as always see’s the bright side of things and her clients absolutely love working with her too.

Logan Chirhart-Wentzel does a fantastic job keeping all the pieces together for our tours.

Kelli Surdell is always willing to go the extra mile with a smile and her clients LOVE her.

In my traditional role as MGIC’s on-site agent, I typically only work with a core group of Adelman’s employees on a day to day basis. In my current role, I am assisting with many different Adelman projects and have been communicating with people that I normally wouldn’t. I do want to recognize Beth’s efforts to provide airline information for another project I will be working on. She went the extra mile for me, and I am grateful to have her as a resource. She is a team player, quick to reply and very helpful with any questions I may have.

I have to submit a compliment about Beth Abromaitis. She is a fantastic co-worker!!! She is very knowledgeable, smart, patient, and kind. She can answer just about any question I have ever had for her and never seems frustrated despite all the stress in our industry right now. It’s like she’s smiling through the phone when you are talking to her and she makes you feel like no question is a dumb question. I would name her the Queen of travel – It amazes me how much she knows and if she doesn’t have an answer, she will go out of her way to find out for you.
Thank you, Beth,!!!

I want to virtually compliment Lori Lang. Lori is always eager to help me with any question I have. If she doesn’t know the answer, she directs me to the correct person/department to assist me. She is patient, funny and relatable. Everyone at Adelman is so wonderful to work with, but Lori has been amazing.

I wanted to pay a compliment to Sarah Paola and the entire marketing team. Whenever they are handling something, I just know it’s going to come out so well. I know Sarah is going to highlight the value and execute the right strategy. I know Laura is going to create the verbiage and deliver on time. And honestly, Jenna’s ability to make things look sharp and on brand has made such a different in our materials. I love working with all of them, and the sophistication of our company’s communications has never been better.

I have to say, Jennifer O’Shasky is awesome. I’m actually excited to attend meetings she’s hosting. She has a way of facilitating discussion and gleaning insight from that discussion that is really enviable. She is smart, thoughtful, analytical, solution focused and capable. She has been invaluable on many projects I’ve been a part of and I genuinely enjoy working with her.

Steven Vosbigian is such a pleasure to work with. He is always methodical and collected in his approach with clients and internally. Nothing rattles him! He’s solution focused and easy to work through solutions with. He’s a great asset to Adelman.

I love working with Denni Alba. She strives to learn more and challenges herself to understand new things. Driven and competitive, she is always willing to lead the way. Not only that, but she has a huge heart and genuine cares about the people around her.

I have the pleasure of working closely with Vanessa Morgan. She is hard working, caring, and always available to bounce ideas off of… or just to act as a sounding board. I really appreciate her collaboration and diplomacy.

Jeffrey Prell does an amazing job handling our Global Clients. He develops solid relationships with clients and with our BCD counterparts. He is forward thinking, detail oriented, and is passionate about delivering real value for our clients. He’s also been an asset on the CSM team, helping to train others to navigate global implementations and reporting – and acting as our in-house Excel guru!

I have a huge amount of respect for how hard Jeff Ochaita works. He’s involved in a lot of areas of our company because he knows so much! He always approaches things with a team attitude and works diligently to help as many people as he can.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Joe Peltier? Seriously. What a genuinely kind person! He always takes a thoughtful approach with his clients and his colleagues, and he fosters teamwork and collaboration amongst those around him.

Janet Friedman has the most positive attitude of anyone I know, regardless of what she is dealing with. She’s always willing to jump into the fray with a big smile on her face.

Linda Kapinos is a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas. She is always looking for solutions and ways to improve anything she’s working on, whether it’s with a client or on an internal project. She is collaborative, detail oriented, and passionate about doing excellent work.

Vicki Hoffman has been extremely helpful over the course of this crazy year. In addition to her incredible knowledge about all the systems that we use to make reservations, she does a great job managing the onsite teams, unused ticket teams, online support… the list goes on. She is a great problem solver and a fun person to work with!

Melinda Kirkham does a great job managing the Client Success Team. She sincerely cares about all the members of our team and continuously challenges us to make us better at our jobs. She is very articulate and smart and is always asking how she can help out. And she is a fun person!

I would like to compliment Alissa Flynn on her amazing ‘get it done’ attitude and persistence. She is a HUGE help with communicating what the client wants into language and understanding on the technology side. She is also amazing at working directly with the client to make sure what we are offering is what will meet their needs OR at least communicate what can be done (and why). Alissa has had to hit the ground running and catch up after being furloughed for many months and I am SO glad she is back on the Adelman team.

I would like to compliment Lori Lang – she has continued to be an amazing resource and help! While she is juggling many different projects, she still manages to respond in a very timely manner to my questions and also manages to get updates done to reporting for clients. I truly appreciate her work ethic and willingness to help get what the client needs in a timely manner.

April Torina in the Group Department at Food & Wine Trails always keeps us up to date on waysto give back, positive articles on travel pre-Covid and sends out birthday wishes for the staff. A really thoughtful, lovely person.

Dominic Olvera is the bomb… always on time with projects and so efficient!

Angela Abbate is one of the most reliable, trustworthy and kindest co-workers at Adelman Travel. When I started working here, she was so welcoming and made me feel a part of the team immediately. She is 100% focused on delivering the best customer service, both externally and internally, and she is so committed to her staff and all the employees at Adelman. I love working with her each and every day!!

Tracy King, Tracy is a dedicated leader who thinks outside the box and helps to inspire the team.

Cathrin Letterman, Cathrin is always a team player, always happy and constantly looking at what we can do better for our travelers.

Shirley Lin, Besides being one heck of a salesperson, Shirley knows how to ask for referrals and how to keep her clients happy.

Lyn Kelley is a master at what she does

Phyllis Roseman, Phyllis is dedicated to her travelers, they know they are in good hands with Phyllis.

Marvin McDaniel, Marvin is so knowledgeable and always willing to share with the team, we are lucky we have him.

Angela Abbate, I am thankful every day that we have Angela leading us.

Shelly Williams- Shelly is so fun to work with and she has very creative ideas for our Social Media pages and Marketing events. She will do whatever it takes for our Advisors to succeed. She is a great Manager and friend to her peers. She always has time to listen and jump in to help when needed.

Lori McKenna-Lori is so helpful and friendly to travelers as well as her coworkers. She is always willing to step in and assist with anything. She is great with any technical questions related to Sabre that the Vacation Advisors have. Very intelligent and kind!

Diana Wray-Diana is the go to person for Europe. Her travelers love her in-depth knowledge of MANY European countries and her coworkers love that she is willing to help with any questions they have. Diana has a quick wit and is always making people laugh.

Geri Jacoby-Smith –Geri loves the islands!!! She is also our honeymoon and destination weddings guru! Her travelers love that she is confident about recommending the perfect island getaway/honeymoon/destination wedding. She loves to coordinate fund raising events for charities and needy families. She is very compassionate.

Karen Allen- I like to call her the Google of all things travel related! She retains even the smallest details and specifications. If you have a travel related question, she will know the answer! Her travelers and coworkers love that they can rest assured that she is giving them correct information. She loves to help, and she is great at it!!

Karen Garrison-Great to work with, her travelers love that she has been all over the world and can help them with every aspect of their vacation based on first-hand knowledge. I have actually heard her giving people directions to a restaurant in another country! She loves helping all of her coworkers with suggestions too.

Sarah Van Elsen-Sarah is a go getter! She is extremely intelligent and can pick up new processes and procedures very easily. She does a fantastic job with Adelman Discoveries trips! She is also very funny and creative!

Angela Abbate- Angela is a great leader! She always listens to ideas and helps implement the best ones. She is full of encouragement and understanding. It is so refreshing to have a “boss” that isn’t the head of the Department of NO. She cares about her team and their successes.

I would like to compliment Diana Wray and Karen Allen, Because they were the only two Adelman Vacation Agents in the National Office for 2 months and had to do the work of 7 other agents! HUUUUGE undertaking for them! They kept in contact with the clients and the vendors and did a wonderful job keeping the office put together while so many were missing from the office! Cheers to them!

Jennifer O’Shasky is amazing! She is always prepared with a plan. She helps to bring all our ideas together; she is organized and keeps everyone on track with effective project management. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are without her!

Laura Schad is such a team player! Laura is always willing to roll up her sleeves and help out wherever needed. Her valuable input, eye for detail and collaboration is always appreciated and helpful to making our teams even more successful!

Keri Cassens and Kacie Pack are great, every night they will call me to see if I need any help. But I have to say the people we have left all will help out when ever needed. Vicki is a great supervisor too; she goes above and beyond to help all of us.

Beth Abromaitis has been a huge help to me answering questions about various corporate accounts and procedures. It is great to have her as a resource when I have exhausted all other means of research. Thanks so much for all the help!!!!!

Jenna Millner is a true inspiration to work with. Her creativity, positive attitude and willingness to always go the extra mile is a constant motivation for me in my role!

Vicki Hoffman is such an awesome supervisor, I know I drive her crazy at times, but she is always so nice and pleasant and helpful!! Thanks Vicki!

Beth Abromaitis is so great in helping me on any Rewards/Couples questions I have. And always so nice!

Jeff Ochaita gives it his all, day in and day out! He asks the right questions at the right times and always takes a moment to check in with colleagues and clients to relate to them on a positive interpersonal level. He’s a kind, caring man and a wonderful colleague.

Dawn Arredondo and her team are wonderful and a great blend of professionalism and kindness – basically everything you’d want in an HR team!

Angela Abbate sure knows her stuff and is a kind, supportive and talented colleague!

Joe Peltier is down to earth and such a likable, great guy! Spend 5 minutes with Joe and you’ll see exactly why clients and colleagues love him so much.

Steven Vosbigian is thorough, hardworking and always there to lend a hand!

Corey Herrick
Corey is a helpful and highly knowledgeable member of the Customer experience agent support team. She willing jumps in for projects, urgent client needs, and agent issues that arise. She is respected by her teammates and has a positive attitude no matter regardless of the project or task.

Beth Abromaitis
Beth’s fellow teammates trust her unequivocally to provide solid answers. On top of assisting teammates by providing information, she strives to help them learn and get more confident to do things for themselves and help them with problem solving. She is often tapped to assist with new team members on getting better acquainted with their role at Adelman. She is an asset to team Adelman and consistently demonstrates flexibility, knowledge and even demeanor whether working with internal or external clients.

Maria Cyr
Hearing Maria’s voice on the line is like a breath of fresh air. Customer’s love the service Maria provides, and have often taken time to say so, either via NPS comments or sent with notes directly to her leader. She has the right blend of positivity, confidence, and patience to put even the most stressed traveler at ease.

Chrissy Grainger
Chrissy is a great Customer Experience team member, she is flexible with her schedule and has willingly moved to various accounts as requested. She provides excellent customer service, maintains goals and accuracy, and is reliable and always willing to help!

Darcy Bourgeois
Thank you Darcy for being such a great asset to the Customer Experience team! Darcy is focused and driven to make sure each client has the best experience possible. She has created a strong working relationship and her customers often compliment her on her knowledge and how well she handles every step of their travel experience.

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