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Adelman’s All-In-One Travel, Expense & Payment Solution powered by TravelBank

April 24, 2021 | Blog, For Travel Managers, For Travelers, Visible

As the business travel industry continues to adapt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new chapter we are turning to, in which companies are preparing for the return of travel, has heightened the need for an efficient and transparent look into spend across entire organizations.

Adelman Travel’s all-in-one platform, powered by TravelBank, enables our customers to seamlessly manage their travel, expenses, and corporate card payments, making it even easier to get real-time visibility into their total spend.

Expenses are a growing, essential component of the travel experience as employees continue to work remotely and adopt contactless payments. This may be the new ‘norm’ as organizations shift their policies for employees to return to the office.

Offering the best solutions to meet our customer’s ever changing needs continues to be the strategy followed by Adelman’s team. Steve Cline, President of Adelman Travel shares, “We focus on innovation, which includes enhancing our existing solutions to deliver on the predominant and changing needs of our customers.”  

Adelman’s expense management solution, powered by TravelBank, allows users to quickly submit expense reports, grant one-tap approvals from any mobile device for faster reimbursements, have more control over cost, and make informed decisions backed by timely analytics. 

Organizations and their employees reap the benefits from experiencing a modern and innovative streamlined view of their travel and expense programs.

For employees, the all-in-one platform provides a seamless, time-saving experience by enabling the accurate and timely creation of expense reports with fast reimbursements. For organizations, the platform provides the real-time visibility into company spend that is needed to make informed financial decisions.

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