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Booking Air and Hotel through Adelman means added Savings, Service and Peace of Mind for your business and travelers!

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What is hotel attachment? 

Hotel attachment is when a hotel reservation is booked along with an airline reservation.

Why is hotel attachment important to your organization? 

If a hotel booking is made outside of the travel management program, these crucial tracking details are not available, which in a crisis can lead to needless time and expense to find the traveler.  Additionally, your organization may be losing out on obtaining the lowest available rates or amenities established within your travel policy.

Adelman’s proprietary Hotel IQ, will increase hotel attachment, resulting in improved visibility, savings and traveler safety.

How it Works

Hotel IQ monitors bookings and identifies multiple-day trips that are missing hotels. 

Hotel IQ automatically alerts the traveler via their mobile device to add a hotel.

Hotel IQ provides up to three hotel options based on your company's preferred hotels.

The traveler can "tap to accept" their choice, making the process easy, fast and efficient!

Hotel IQ Features

Automates reminders prior to booking travel
Delivers comprehensive hotel content
Controls hotel spend all year
Encourages booking preferred hotels within travel policies
Makes booking hotels easy and efficient
Improves duty of care requirements

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Hotel IQ Training Video

Increase your travel program’s hotel attachment with Adelman’s intelligent technology, Hotel IQ. The training video will provide you an overview of how Hotel IQ works for individual travelers.