Business Travel Programs for Small & Medium Businesses


Small Business Travel Programs

Does your travel budget max out at $400,000? Do you have forty travelers or less? Our platform, myAdelman, offers a “touchless” approach to travel management for small businesses.

Streamline Self-Booking

We understand that you may only have one person managing travel, and it’s time consuming. That’s why we offer an easy-to-use, travel management platform at an unbeatable low cost.  You’re able to implement this self-registration tool when it fits in to your schedule, not a travel agent’s. In fact, you have the power to book a trip the same day you enroll in myAdelman. Upon implementation, you’ll get instant access to our exclusive supplier discounted rates.

Automate Spend Tracking

Your in-house travel manager no longer has to dig through receipts and keep a manual tally on spend. myAdelman automatically generates monthly reports for travel expenses and other key metrics you need to know to stay profitable. It’s no secret that travel compliance is critical for your bottom line, even with a small portion of your staff on the road. myAdelman offers multiple travel policy options with varying degrees of control and cost-consciousness.

Maintain Dedicated Support

Should you need the expert guidance of a travel agent, you’ll have one at your leisure around the clock, 365 days of the year. At the same time, you have complete oversight for trip management through our proprietary mobile app, Ava (Adelman Virtual Assistant). Whether you need direction from an experienced representative or virtual support, we can help. Adelman has the flexibility to expand as your company size and budgets change.

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Emerging Market Business

If your travel budget caps out at $1 million, and you have 100 travelers or fewer, Adelman Travel has the means to support your needs.

Improve Policy Compliance and Decrease Spend

When your travelers deviate from policy, your budget suffers. Your Adelman Client Success Manager will help you draft a policy that’s employee friendly and customized to your industry and budget. We’ll generate new solutions for cost savings and avoidance by utilizing our supplier rates and negotiations. With access to Adelman’s international rate desk, you’re guaranteed the lowest rates for air, car, and hotel.

Stay on Top of Expenses

Maintain total control over travel management with Adelman’s Analyst tool.

  • Manage your travel invoices online or completely integrate your financial data in to your own systems.
  • Automate the tracking of all e-ticket activity (used and unused), so you have a better understanding of excess spend.
  • View itineraries and instantaneously make changes.

Support Your Travelers

When your road warriors are on the go, they’ll need a “home base” of communication from the company. Adelman provides just that with Ava (Adelman Virtual Assistant). This mobile app gives them comprehensive trip management, no matter where they are. They’ll also receive breaking news in real time that impacts their trip from Adelman’s Travel News Line.

Whether your personnel are on vacation or traveling for business, you can take their experience a step further with Adelman Elite. Through an annual membership or purchased a la carte, they will love our VIP concierge offering of exclusive, personalized services.

Feel the Love from Your Adelman Team

Because the travel industry is always changing, your designated in-house success advisor will counsel you through rising management products and services. Service-level KPIs are a priority, so we’ll conduct strategic management meetings and online training sessions for a deeper level of understanding.

Your Adelman team doesn’t stop there. In addition to your success advisor, you’ll be assigned a small consultant team who helps travelers when they self-book or have miscellaneous questions. Finally, when you work with Adelman for corporate travel, you can take advantage of our Vacation Travel Advisors for your next leisure trip. We like to have fun, too!

Simplify the Complexities of Travel with Adelman.


Mid-Market Business

Your company falls in this category if your annual travel spend is somewhere between $1M and $5M, and you have 100-500 travelers. In addition to all the benefits listed above in the Emerging Market category, you’ll receive an elevated the level of support from your partners at Adelman.

Work Hands-On with Your Adelman Team

Upon meeting your Client Success Manager, you’ll quickly craft an in-depth strategic management blueprint. Your manager will also work with you to determine which payment and expense reporting solutions are best for your industry and budget. Once that’s confirmed, a customized online booking tool will be implemented, followed by training sessions for you and staff members.

Visit Adelman & Analyze Your Program

You’ll be immersed into our modern and interactive space called myGarage. It’s where we diagnose the current state of your travel program and craft a plan for success. Adelman will provide one diagnostic review over the life of your agreement. Your Adelman team will translate the strategic insights from the diagnosis into the best service-configuration model.

Get Started and Move Forward

After your myGarage diagnostic meeting engagement, your client success manager will continue to support you to move toward success. We feed all previously gained insights and solutions across our ecosystem, plus the information gained from myGarage, into your customized blueprint. However, without interoperability, our recommendations fall flat. We promise a smooth integration from your third-party products into the solutions we suggest.

Simplify Your Business Travel Management