Travel Risk Management

Enhanced care for your travelers throughout their trip

Adelman Travel provides fully integrated technology and services that strengthen your ability to care for travelers throughout their trip.  We can help your company meet its duty of care obligation with experienced advice, specialized services, and simple and innovative solutions.

Adelman Travel provides:

  • Industry-leading real-time data about your travelers
  • Security reports with the push of a button
  • Interactive world maps to visualize traveler locations
  • 24/7 worldwide emergency service
  • Automated and relevant incident updates
  • Traveler alerts and messages via Adelman’s Ava Mobile App


Traveler Tracking & Communication

Adelman Travel’s Traveler Care security platform supports your company’s duty of care objectives.     

Traveler Care provides:

  • Risk alerts including weather, international incidents and health warnings
  • Interactive maps to quickly assess the level of risk for individual travelers
  • The ability to send outbound SMS and email communications to travelers


Adelman Travel has the right solutions to help get you through a crisis.



Simplify Your Business Travel Management

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