Travel Risk Management

SAP Concur Risk Messaging

Instant contact is essential when crisis situations arise. To promote direct, immediate communication in an emergency, Adelman has become the first North American reseller of the SAP Concur Risk Messaging global security platform. The sophisticated technology allows clients to customize and automate messaging to disperse to travelers and employees when a certain alert level is reached.

With two-way SMS technology, clients can actively communicate with travelers. This gives them the power to monitor their whereabouts and responses amid a potential crisis. We can better serve our clients by providing a solution that goes beyond standard security.

Traveler Tracking & Emergency Reports

Leveraging our SAP Concur Risk Messaging technology, Adelman provides automated reports identifying any travelers affected by an emergency as soon as the emergency alert is sent. This will include anyone within the country and/or region in question, and any travelers or employees en route to that area within the next two days.

SAP Concur Risk Messaging — The Adelman Difference

Many travel management companies offer Duty of Care and risk management tools, particularly the SAP Concur Risk Messaging product. However, most TMCs who provide risk management solutions send reservations to the risk management tool through what’s known as a “queue drop”. This manual process takes the transactional reservations and ticketing data in its GDS format and parses the information into their Duty of Care solution (such as SAP Concur Risk Messaging).

Adelman, on the other hand, has integrated SAP Concur Risk Messaging at the application level. This allows us to configure unique, quality control standards for each client. As reservation data is populated, we can verify its accuracy in real time, rather than after the fact. Some of the data that are quality checked during this process include mobile phone numbers, email addresses, supplier numbers and contact information, and addresses.

Traditionally, risk platforms do not receive accurate and timely data from GDS reservations. By validating the transaction data sooner, Adelman eliminates traditional data integrity issues. In the event of an emergency or critical travel warning, our clients can quickly locate and communicate with their travelers.

Adelman’s longstanding partnership, expertise, and integration with SAP Concur and Risk Messaging technology is the backbone to our success. It’s why we can transfer more transactions successfully and accurately into the SAP Concur Risk Messaging platform than any other TMC worldwide.

Simplify Your Business Travel Management

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