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Hidden gems in Germany

Germany has a variety of mainstream must-do iconic spots that draw in visitors, but if you are looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, head to countryside along the Rhine and Moselle rivers.






Adelman’s Andrea Bateman recently experienced this magical area of Germany, which is characterized by its quaint villages dotting the countryside, scenic rolling hills with bountiful vineyards, and castles dramatically perched high on the cliffs overlooking the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Among the places that Andrea visited, she was particularly fond of Rudesheim, Freiburg, and Cochem.





Rudesheim is very characteristic of the Rhine Valley and is known for its winemaking, especially Riesling wines. In the center of town is Drosselgasse, a historic narrow alleyway which is lined with charming ornate half-timbered houses, artisan shops, taverns and restaurants. Visitors will want to visit Sieggried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum, which features curious music boxes and self-playing calliopes from the 18th to the 20th centuries.





Andrea enjoyed her time in the small, canal-lined town of Freiburg, which is located near the edge of the Black Forest. Visitors can’t help but notice the stunning pinnacles on the historic Romanesque cathedral, Frieburg Minster, which towers over the town. According to Andrea, Freiburg’s Münsterplatz is an interesting area to explore. On the Münsterplatz is the Historisches Kaufhaus (historical merchants’ hall), an intriguing dark red Renaissance building which was originally constructed as a market storehouse. Behind the wide entrance lies a large inner courtyard which is now used for outdoor events, such as the “Freiburg Weinkost,” an annual wine tasting festival.




Overall, Andrea said her favorite spot was Cochem, which is perched on the vine-covered slopes along the Moselle River. Cochem boasts an enchanting old-town featuring traditional German architecture and is full of tempting little wine shops and more. Andrea also recommends exploring the countryside around Cochem.  “I loved taking the gondola up to a lookout point overlooking the whole town and river. There is a great restaurant up at the top with amazing views,” Andrea notes.  She also enjoyed her visit to the fairytale-style Reichsburg Castle, which towers above Cochem and the Moselle. “It was absolutely beautiful!” Andrea remarks.




If you would like to experience some of the many little gems found in Germany’s Rhine wine country, give Andrea or one of our other knowledgeable vacation advisors a call at 800-749-7116 or visit our website at

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