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How AI and Bots Will Take Over Travel in 2018

February 21, 2018 | Blog, For Travel Managers, For Travelers

From Siri® to Alexa, almost everything today has a smart, artificial intelligence (AI) aspect to it. More recently, AI has taken the travel sector by storm. It’s making planning and booking easier than ever with its personalization capabilities. Within a travel management app, managers and travelers alike benefit from AI and chat bot’s ability to remember their preferences.

Here’s how this technology will take over the travel industry in 2018.

Younger Travelers Seeking Tailored Experiences

Millennials have grown up in the Information Age, one where instant access to information and answers feel like necessities. With this expectation, they’re actively seeking better, personalized experiences in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to online reservations.

Particularly in the travel industry, they expect the booking process to be easy and painless. This is achieved through the power of AI and chat bots. Chat bots can interpret the words a user inputs in to a conversation, understand the users’ feelings, and then make personalized travel recommendations accordingly. The more a person interacts with a chat bot, the more tailored his experiences will become.

A New Kind of Concierge

Autonomous cars and planes are not too far in the realm of possibilities. What’s closer to reality, however, is the likelihood of AI and machine learning recognizing your search intent, and recommending getaways and activities.

Hotels are considering taking guest preferences to the next level for a better stay. For example, during the reservation process, guests enter they’re interested in spa services or golfing, and the AI-backed hotel would leverage this information for tailored recommendations upon entering a guestroom. 

Some hotels are using AI-powered robots to answer all of guests’ questions and suggest local attractions and popular sites. This limits the number of phone calls made down to the front desk, freeing up the hotel staff’s time for other tasks.

Predictive Flight Data

How frustrating is it when you arrive to the airport, only to learn your flight has been delayed? What’s worse is when you have a business meeting planned around your arrival time. With AI within a travel management app, users are given flight disruption probabilities. This gives them the information they need to make better travel decisions.

Analyzing millions of flight patterns, this technology gives power back to the traveler. They can finally be in control of their itinerary, rather than the other way around. Plus, travel managers are always worried about their employees making compliant booking decisions, especially when they’re on the go. By using a share app and smart technology, managers can feel confident that their road warriors are within policy.

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