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Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider a Corporate Online Booking Tool

June 13, 2018 | Blog, For Travel Managers

Business travel can be a harrowing and disjointed practice, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Centralizing your booking process not only makes your business’ travel easier, it allows your executive team to sleep easy knowing that they have access to a wealth of financial information and data. Here are four reasons to use a travel management app or another similar booking tool for business.

1. Travel Apps Enable You to Employ Fewer People

Using a travel management app or other OBT (online booking tool) means that your business doesn’t need to hire its own in-house travel booker, thereby saving you a great deal on additional salary. Although you may worry that one employee using a travel management app is prone to mistakes and waste time, the AI and the level of support in these apps mean that they remember your personal information and streamline the whole process for everyone involved.

2. Travel Apps Save Time and Money

Although companies using apps will pay a fee for its services, the time and money saved by the end users are worth the investment. Through the use of an app, businesses can save up to 10% on travel costs, particularly from the travel management company’s negotiated prices. With its ability to remember user-specific information, such a tool reduces a user’s search time by providing preferred options.

3. On-the-Go Booking through Apps

Modern travel management apps allow you to arrange bookings on the go, because they’re designed for business travelers who change their plans at the last minute. They also allow users to make end-to-end bookings on a mobile device while roaming. As a result, if a delayed flight leads to a missed connection, travelers can log into their plane’s in-flight Wi-Fi and use a travel app to re-book and catch a later flight. It will have solved the problem before they even land.

4. Personalized User Experience

Travel management apps are becoming increasingly intertwined with AI, making them more “intelligent” as time goes on. As a result, many of them “remember” inputted data such as traveler information and preferences, providing travelers with a personalized, enjoyable experience. For example, an OBT may save your frequent flier information or remember your company’s preferred airline carriers. This technology shows the traveler results that are more likely to appeal to their personal preferences while simultaneously streamlining the entire booking process.

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