Pre-Trip Approval

Adelman’s proprietary, automated pre-trip approval product provides the ability to review all traveler itineraries before automated ticketing. This innovative, web-based program monitors transactions made through both your travel consultants and the online booking tool.

Based on your company’s individual preferences and policies, this tool requires approval for reservations. In fact, the tool will continue to remind approvers of any pending reservations until confirmation is received. As a flexible product, our pre-trip approval solution allows for multiple approvers, approval hierarchies, and varying permission requirements by traveler, title, department, and more.

What you’ll love:

  • Houses all current, untraveled reservations, including both ticketed and un-ticketed travel
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of planned travel and flags items such as "multiple passengers on same flight"
  • Display pre-trip reporting in real time
  • Builds each department exception reports to manage differing travel policies
  • Sends customizable approval emails for company travel policy
  • Allows authorizer to approve or deny travel right within the email
  • Monitors reservations continuously until response is received from authorizer
  • Delivers pre-trip reports via email, fax or hard copy
  • Auto-schedules reports to meet your timelines


Simplify Your Business Travel Management.

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