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Travel Alerts

A planned national strike in Belgium may affect public transportation including air travel Feb. 13.

Trade unions are protesting wage negotiations. The rail unions plan to strike though some trains will run on Feb. 13 as the SNCB is now legally bound to offer a minimum level of service. In other sectors, unions have called on their members in the ports, air traffic control and ground crew at airports to join in the action. Some airlines are offering flexible rebooking options and some are proactively cancelling some flights as follows:

Air Canada and United have issued waivers for customers traveling to Brussels Feb. 12-13. 

American, KLM, Iberia and SAS are offering flexible rebooking for travel to Brussels Feb. 13

Brussels Airlines has begun proactively cancelling flights ahead of the strike action in addition to offering flexible rebooking for travel to Brussels Feb. 13.

Other airports could be impacted and other airlines may offer waivers as we get closer to the planned strike date.

Check with your airline or your Adelman travel consultant for specific rebooking or cancelation options.

Travelers are advised to not only monitor airline flight status along with rail service status but other ground transportation arrangements should also be reconfirmed as other public transportation could also be impacted.  

Please contact your Adelman travel consultant for additional information.  

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