Malama Maui – Show Kindness Through Travel

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The spirit of aloha that welcomes travelers to Hawaii is one of love, care, and empathy—all of which the Islands now need from us in the wake of the devastating wildfires that tore through West Maui last August, causing significant losses. To support the people of Hawaii, ALG Vacations is championing an initiative focused on showing all of the Hawaiian Islands mālama —care and protection—by cultivating respectful travel.

As Maui and the entire state of Hawaii continue to mourn, they are also rebuilding. Tourism, according to the Maui Economic Development Board, directly or indirectly produces 70 cents of every dollar of the island’s economy. With the current downturn in travel, however, Maui lost millions of dollars every day following the wildfires. It is anticipated the Hawaiian economy as a whole will lose nearly $2 billion in the next two years.

Maui began reopening to tourism in phases beginning in October and, with the exception of Lahaina, is now fully open.

“Now is the time for people everywhere to show their support for Maui by booking trips, making restaurant reservations, and frequenting Maui’s retail stores and attractions that support workers and their families,” said Daniel Nāho’pi’i, Chief Administrative Officer of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

How to Travel with Mālama

The best way to support affected communities is to travel with Kindness. Be mindful of what Hawaiians are going through and show them the same aloha that they have always shown us. Follow traditional values to ensure your visit uplifts as much as it rebuilds:

  • Visit with aloha, compassion and empathy. 
  • Understand that although Maui is still recovering, travel to Hawaii is as rewarding as it has ever been—even more so.
  • Show generosity and compassion. Support small businesses, eat out at local restaurants, and remember kind words go a long way.
  • Respect the grief of residents and avoid affected areas.
  • Mālama (care for) Maui and give back to the community by signing up for an enriching volunteer experience.

Donate to Relief Efforts

ALG Vacations has pledged $100,000 to the Maui Strong Fund. If you are interested in supporting the Maui Strong Fund, you can donate via the link below.

Adelman offers “Travel Management as a Service” (TMaaS)

As we head into 2024, Adelman has exciting news on the horizon, as we unveil the unparalleled benefits of Adelman’s Travel Management as a Service (TMaaS) program.

At Adelman, we understand that managing corporate travel can be a juggling act. That’s why we’ve crafted TMaaS, a comprehensive program designed to streamline your travel processes, enhance cost-efficiency, and provide you with unparalleled support with seasoned industry professionals to serve as your travel manager and oversee every detail of your program.

We enable companies to take a critical, non-core function and outsource it to us…allowing you to do what you do best – focus on your core business.

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Exciting News in our Adelman Family!


We’re thrilled to announce and extend our warmest congratulations to Melinda Kirkham on her well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Corporate Sales and Client Success!

Melinda has been an invaluable member of our team, consistently demonstrating exceptional leadership, dedication, and a relentless commitment to driving success for our clients. Her strategic vision, innovative mindset, and unwavering work ethic have truly set her apart.

As Melinda steps into this new role, we have no doubt that she will continue to inspire and lead our Corporate Sales and Client Success teams to new heights. Please join us in congratulating Melinda on this significant achievement!

Top Reasons to Cruise Alaska with Holland America Line

Fall in love with jaw-dropping views as you cruise along icy-blue glaciers. Watch wildlife bask in the beauty of the Last Frontier. Explore the treasured terrain of the Great Land. With Holland America Line, you’ll uncover the best of Alaska and the Yukon.

Here are the top reasons to cruise Alaska with us: 


Experience More Glaciers Up Close
With Holland America Line, you’ll see more glaciers in Alaska than any other cruise line. Whether you’re looking to explore them by sea, land or air, we can take you there. Get a close-up view from our perfectly sized ships.

Trek across a glacier on a guided hike. Take off on a thrilling tour to soak up aerial views of icy giants. Whether you’re sailing along the shore or embarking on an unforgettable shore excursion, you’ll experience the best of Alaska’s glaciers.

Enjoy Breathtaking Wildlife Moments
It’s a whale. It’s a sea lion. It’s the Big Five! Holland America Line now offers more ways to see Alaska wildlife than any other cruise line, bringing you closer to the wondrous creatures of the Last Frontier. With the guidance of onboard wildlife experts and National Park Service Rangers, you could see whales breaching or bubble-net feeding, sea lions chilling on rocks, otters gliding through icy waters, bears hunting for salmon along the shore and more. You could even see Alaska’s Big Five on a cruisetour.

Treasure More Time On Land
Is time your greatest treasure? Relish our immersive land-and-sea cruisetours, featuring more time in Alaska and the Yukon, including up to three nights each in our Denali wilderness lodge and the Yukon – a Holland America Line exclusive.

Immerse Yourself in an Alaska Up Close™ Experience
Savor the tastes, tales and terrain of Alaska with our exclusive Alaska Up Close™ programming. With more than 75 years in Alaska and the most sailings through Glacier Bay, we make it easy to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Last Frontier, from insightful expert-led presentations to locally sourced and inspired cuisine with fresh ingredients.

Enjoy perfectly sized ships that are small enough to enable close-up views of glaciers, wildlife and wilderness, yet large enough to offer incredible dining, entertainment and onboard activities.

Taste Alaska with Local, Fresh Sustainable Seafood
Though sailing to the Great Land with Holland America Line includes spectacular glacier and wildlife views, it also offers something unique – the mouthwatering taste of fresh, certified and sustainable Alaska seafood. We’re proud to have earned the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certification, making us the first and only cruise line to achieve this distinguished credential whereby all our ships cruising to the Last Frontier serve only fresh, sustainable and traceable Alaska seafood.

Tasting Alaska’s fresh and flavorful seafood on our ships has long been part of our immersive culinary experiences. If catching a big one is at the top of your list during an Alaska cruise, consider reeling in a catch on select fishing-focused shore excursions and savor every bite on board through our Savor My Catch program. Holland America Line’s expert chefs prepare and serve it in a true ocean-to-table experience.


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What to know when traveling internationally for business

Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler, or taking your first international business trip, there are some top things you should know to make your travels pleasurable and successful. 


Review a few of our top tips that will help best navigate your next international business trip.

Understand Travel Requirements and Restrictions

Travel rules and regulations can catch even the most seasoned travelers off guard. Entry requirements and restrictions can change abruptly, making thorough research imperative. It’s crucial to know what documentation is required for each destination, including layovers. Even if you’ve traveled to a country previously, keep in mind that requirements can evolve. Also, check the validity of your passport and visa requirements. 

Business Visa vs. Tourist Visa

Differentiate between a business and a tourist visa. Make sure you apply for the appropriate kind of visa for the purpose of your trip. A business visa often allows for more extended stays and business-related activities. This is one of the top business travel tips that help you to have a comfortable trip.

Vaccination and Immunization

Many countries require specific vaccinations or immunizations before entry. Stay informed about the health precautions necessary for your destination and get vaccinated well in advance.

Travel Insurance

Invest in comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage. It’s a safeguard against unexpected setbacks during your travels.

Exchange Rates

Stay updated on exchange rates and the local currency of your destination. Knowing the exchange rate can help you manage your finances efficiently. Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid potential issues with your credit or debit cards while abroad. 

Cultural Etiquette

Research and understand the cultural norms and etiquette of the country you’re visiting. Being culturally sensitive can greatly impact your business relationships. Consider language barriers and invest in translation tools or services if necessary. Even basic knowledge of local phrases can go a long way in building rapport.

Mobile Connectivity

Ensure your mobile phone is set up for international roaming or purchase a local SIM card to stay connected during your trip. Use communication tools like Skype or Zoom for business meetings and conference calls back home.

International business travel is an exciting adventure that provides many opportunities for growth and achievement.  By proactively addressing visa requirements, prioritizing health and safety, managing finances astutely, showing cultural sensitivity, arranging accommodations and transportation efficiently, and staying connected, you can significantly enhance your business travel experience.

Rated Platinum: BCD remains sustainable supplier of choice


For the fourth consecutive year, BCD Travel, Adelman Travel’s parent company, has received a Platinum rating from EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. With this Platinum rating, BCD maintains their position in the top 1% of the 100,000+ companies assessed by EcoVadis. As part of the assessment, BCD has been rated as ‘Advanced’ in EcoVadis’ Carbon Action Module. The module is a comprehensive carbon management solution integrated with EcoVadis ratings to engage suppliers and drive decarbonization across the supply chain.


Click to read more:

EU Confirms Another ETIAS Delay to Spring 2025

The European Union has confirmed that the launch of the new European Travel Information and Authorization System for non-EU visitors has been further delayed until Spring 2025.

The new date marks a delay in the rollout of the new European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which had previously been expected to go into effect in 2024.

The new rules dictate that travelers from more than 60 visa-free countries – including the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., will need to get an ETIAS authorization to enter Europe.

Click to read more published by BTN Europe News –

American Airlines Sunsetting Business Extra (December 15, 2023)

American Airlines has announced their Business Extra program is ending December 15, 2023. Effective October 16, 2023, no new enrollments will be accepted.

A new program is being launched called AAdvantage Business. The new program will require you to register.

Business Extra clients should have received a communication from AA on October 16, 2023, explaining next steps and more details.

Please note the following important details as we understand them from AA:

  • Points under the old Business Extra program will be accrued until December 15, 2023
  • Note: once enrolled in the new program, Business Extra points accrual will stop
  • You must meet Business Extra® threshold requirements by December 15, 2023 to unlock Business Extra® points. To check status, you will need to log in to your Business Extra® account.
  • 3 active travelers and $5,000 in qualifying travel spend for the previous 12-month period by December 15, 2023
  • After December 15, 2023, remaining Business Extra® points can only be converted to AAdvantage® miles or donated to charity. 
  • The Business Extra® website, program functionality and all Business Extra® points will terminate on January 31, 2024.
  • Starting October 16, 2023 – all questions related to Business Extra® will be answered via The former phone number has been discontinued.


  • The new program will require a direct booking with AA in order to accrue points.
  • Adelman Travel will not be able to report or service any bookings under this program. All Adelman customers would need to contact AA for assistance.

Please reference this link for the Business Extra FAQs:

Please contact your Adelman Client Success Manager or Advisor for any questions.

Delte’s Business Rewards Programs Scheduled to Change



New Delta SkyMiles for Business Program coming this fall Beginning this fall, Delta Air Lines’ SkyBonus program is becoming SkyMiles for Business. SkyMiles for Business is a travel rewards program built for small and medium-sized enterprises. SkyMiles for Business turns your business travel budget into rewards by converting the dollars your company spends on eligible flights with Delta, Air France, KLM, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic or any of our codeshare partners into miles. SkyMiles for Business rewards your company with miles for dollars spent on business travel by verifiable employees for published fares.    

Click the link to learn about SkyMiles for Business:

In order to take advantage of the new business rewards program, current SkyBonus members must Opt-in for Delta’s SkyMiles for Business by December 1, 2023.

Click here to opt-in When opting-in you must provide your company SkyBonus ID and Admin Email. By selecting “Opt In,” you will agree to convert your SkyBonus account to a SkyMiles for Business account as of the conversion date.

Any SkyBonus points in your account at the time of conversion will be converted to miles in the SkyMiles Program.

Please reference this link for the SkyMiles FAQs: